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Terriers Ratting

  • Size: Approximately 9.5” x 11.5”.
  • Medium: Artist Quality Oil Paints.
  • Name: “Terriers Ratting”.
  • Period: 1800’s.
  • Artist: Paul Jones.
  • Country of Origin: England.
  • Signed: Signed by the artist.
  • Location: London.

Hampstead Fine Arts proudly present “Terriers Ratting”, painted by Paul Jones, who was born in 1855 and died in 1888. The son of well-known equestrian artist, Samuel John Egbert Jones (fl. 1820 – 1849), Jones specialised in the same subject. He was particularly drawn to the character of Highland Gillies’ ponies, which are often depicted with game bags on their backs, and terrier dogs. Rat-baiting was a blood sport in Victorian England, which involved placing captured rats in a pit or other enclosed area and then betting on how long it takes a dog, usually a terrier, to hunt them. The two dogs in this masterpiece are tethered by their necks to what appears to be a wooden post, straining at their leashes to reach a rat which is, happily, just out of their paw’s reach. This masterpiece is beautifully framed in a burnished gold, triple-layered scrollwork frame, and stood out to our selectors for being wonderfully melancholic and full of life simultaneously. It would add a wonderful touch to the discerning buyer’s sitting room, office or reception area.