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  • Size:Approximately 100 cm x 79 cm.
  • Medium:Artist Quality Oil Paints.
  • Name: “Oasis”.
  • Artist:Unknown Master.
  • Location: Dubai.

Hampstead Fine Arts proudly presents this stunning oil painting, “Oasis”, of unknown origin. Whilst its origins remain mysterious, this masterpiece nonetheless has been one of the most sought-after items in our collection. Generating phenomenal interest in the Gulf region, we have recently shipped this painting to Dubai, where it awaits the perfect home or office to adorn.
This beautiful piece was painted on canvas using artist-quality oil paints. It shows a troupe of nomadic horsemen watering their horses at an oasis. The painting is tinted an orange hue, as though the artist is attempting to convey the heat of the desert, with the final rays of the setting sun infusing the landscape with a warm, almost otherworldly ambience. In the foreground, the horsemen can be seen gathering around the small well, whilst in the background a rough settlement rests atop the gentle curve of a hill. The lines are smooth, with particular attention to texture and tone. The horses’ powerful, tensed leg muscles are beautifully rendered, and stand out in glossy perfection against the subdued tones of the ground and sky.