Animals - DSC_5906 - Hunting Terriers
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Hunting Terriers

  • Size: Approximately 31” x 27”.
  • Medium: Artist Quality Oil Paints.
  • Name: “Hunting Terriers”.
  • Period: 1800’s.
  • Artist: George Armfield.
  • Country of Origin: England.
  • Signed: Signed by the artist.
  • Location: Dubai.

Hampstead Fine Arts is proud to present this masterpiece by the prolific English master George Armfield, who was born in 1808 and died in 1893. Armfield was especially fond of the Terrier breed of dogs, and they were the subject of the majority of his paintings. Having been born and raised in rural England, Armfield lived through the industrial revolution of the 1800’s, and was known to have lamented the grimy, soot-blackened urban life that he saw emerging out of major cities like London and Brimingham. Like his other works, such as “A Playful Chase” and “Two Terriers”, this painting depicts a terriers reposing in a field. As was commonplace at the time, these dogs were used for hunting, and it is likely that Armfield intended to depict them either catching their breath after a chase, or gathered around the mouth of a crevice into which the fox, or hare, they were chasing has ferreted away. The observer can easily imagine their panting maws and heaving chests as they await their prey to emerge. The terriers themselves are painted brilliantly, with short brushstrokes bringing their ruffled coats to life, and the realistic brown patches in their fur lending them an endearing quality. The terriers’ white colouration is almost glowing in contrast to the almost smothering darkness of the undergrowth from whence it is emerging. Beautifully framed in wood finished with an intricate triple-layered frame, this piece would bring a touch of class to living room or office, particularly if mounted above a wooden desk or near mahogany furniture.