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Heading Into The Desert (1900’s)

  • Size: Approximately 51 cm x 76 cm.
  • Medium: Artist Quality Oil Paints.
  • Name: “Heading Into The Desert”.
  • Period: 1900’s.
  • Artist: Clarence Crawford.
  • Country of Origin: England.
  • Signed: Signed by the artist.
  • Location: London.

One of the most talented and unrecognised artists alive today, Clarence Crawford himself is a colourful pipe-smoking character himself from Walthamstow. A graduate of Horsey Art College, he has been commissioned by many noteworthies including The Pope, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Frank Bruno and Tony Blair. At Hampstead Fine Arts, we firmly believe that Clarence Crawford at present is vastly underestimated and that his works will appreciate significantly in the future. The subject of a 2013 documentary , this remarkable artist is every bit the master that his cult following believe him to be. ‘Heading Into The Desert’ embodies the essence of Crawford’s artistry, with a lavish scene depicted a broad, bright desert landscape and a group of horsemen riding their mounts to, or from, an oasis. Horses have been a long-time favourite subject of Crawford’s, and as always his passion for painting comes through in the fantastic quality of this oil-based masterpiece. This piece is framed in a luxurious black-and-gold frame, which lends it an air of nobility and has a sobering effect on the bright, sunlit backdrop of the painting. Perfect to brighten up an office or living space, this painting was greatly sought-after and has generated a lot of interest from collectors.